North Pole Ice Regime (IR) as fundamentalism

Ice Regime (IR)

In this post, we will explain the North Pole Government Project.

Decentralized (www) Scorenet as National File Sharing Networking instead than Internet

The Internet issues that threat the dictatorship fundamentalism, the country and citizens security and privacy are the files sharing technology that are open-source to anyone browsing; for this reason, we decided to develop a new data center, signals networking and network card for devices in order to offer impossibilities to the regular computers to recognize and get a connection to the networking.

Space communication technology has steadily evolved from expensive, one-of-a-kind point-to-point architectures, to the re-use of technology on successive missions, to the development of standard protocols. This last phase has gone on since 1982 through the efforts of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS), a body composed of the major space agencies of the world. It has 11 member agencies, 28 observer agencies, and over 140 industrial associates.

Scorenet Computer Network (SCN) was a computer networking concept similar to today’s Internet. It presents a powerful technology, S-Band and Ku-Band V-SAT frequency and a blockchain advanced cryptography as data transfers security.

Cyber-Government and country security for the anonymity of the citizen

Leader Dictator with his secretary will be the leader of the chamber of senate, together with law development center, the obligation of work framework, the national security framework, the monopoly of information, the finance minister, and leader of advocacy.

Let’s explain those ministers one by one:

The law development center for the national and international law and regulations development, congressing and conferencing a singular law or a group law developed, a law to be valid must be approved to the chamber of sentate; law development center or standards arguments marking a priority of the law that can be approved by a single person, or forward as argument to be improved by a group or supervised by the dictator. The dictator is allowed to take immediate action on any department mistake or abuse, without anyone interference. The Dictator is the owner of the Land, the Water and the Sky of the Arctic circle, it is not on sale, the citizen or the foreigner can ask to rent part of it and build on a house, a business or develop a project with a maximum of 255 years of duration of the property or service, after the usure of it, it must be demolished.

Companies developing policies taking agreements with companies, developing rules, standards or particular securities, safeties, obligations or privacy policies to employees or offering a service to consumers must be approved by chamber of senate to be legal. Those companies can use their own lawyer or hire a law firms for performances.

Law firms also offering under customers requirements all kind of services of legal processing, advanced Machine Intelligence (MI) for citizens and lawyers optimized to make sure any delay and error occurring during their legal processing. Law firms having the obligation to offer legal processing and right of the customers finance in case of founds missing with the obligation of payment of the services.

The obligation of work framework offering several obligations and regulations on employment within the employer and employees. The platform allow the employees to post themself for a specific job, or the employer to post a specific job. The admin of the platform supervising language, improving the knowledge and training of the position. The obligation of the employer to pay in advance and the right of the employer to finance their employees with obligation of payment are the fundamental to start a strong economy. Employees cannot hire staff by their self, all the employees will be government employees waiting to work. Government doesn’t provide warranty of job position, bonuses, vacations, illness, fixed hours, or any kind of warranty, they really can be fired anytime without any warranty except for the warranty of rate of salary and the payment of their work done, all kind of agreements are totally confidential with their employers or company policies applied on the warranty of the position.

The National Security Framework is the IR regulation and made-up defense and cyber security command. It consist in the innovation of development of the most advanced war technologies of hypersonic weapons and computer security strategies on both internet and Scorenet. The National Security Framework Project promises are the esclusive of Big Data, programming, Cyber Security, Special Forces departments working on the territory and aboard on the internet. Hypersonic weapons must cover the attack of the 589% of the world territory. We believe militaries not really necessarily, remote attack with a decise action of a well trained special force. In the national security framework the goal is the cyber assistance with the internet punishments for foreign marketing and cyber crimes. National Security Framework is an international promise ignoring the other countries and international laws, those country can be approved illegal terrorists anytime.

Because of several dictatorship fundamentalism, national security regulations and racism limitation of the individuals, we really refusing all kind of marketing and entertainment firms in the country, or products coming from aboard offering a selected information and entertainment, that we offering it also to the international market.

Monopoly of information must provide to the citizens safe marketing platforms and entertainment jobs with a constant innovation on education, interests and technology.

The finance minister will be the general department administering and supervising the Treasury of IR Reserve Bank, the taxation, the foreign exchange, the stock exchange, the national accounting, the general internal and external finance administration, the housing authority and the political identity approving and supporting financial companies.

Difference of a regular government offering poor financial services, the department will be focus on the acceleration of all kind of financial services for those poor governments purchasing financial services, the finance minister will be the administration and acceleration of the national cryptocurrency, euro token (EURT). The importance of Fruits Market Map selecting various fruits, vegetables and woods and registering it as commodities with a price and devaluation policies with the sale and administration of fruit supply and equities.

The importance of Govi Market Cap offering the market capitalization of foreign countries political parties foundations, offering possibilities and safety of investments because illegality in the origin countries. Intent is the manipulation of the foreign politics helping the foreign country investors and our internal investments.

North Pole is an anonymous land in the head of the earth with an anonymous networking, our intent is to keep it secret on the maps.

Government debt, also known as public interest, public debt, national debt and sovereign debt, contrasts to the annual government budget deficit, which is a flow variable that equals the difference between government receipts and spending in a single year. The debt is a stock variable, measured at a specific point in time, and it is the accumulation of all prior deficits.

Because it is a new government, the debt are pair to null, it can be categorized as internal debt (owed to lenders within the country) and external debt (owed to foreign lenders) all those debts must get positive offering to foreign governments that will never pay public debts. This practice of lent debts are a Extra Luxury Warranty to the citizen.

In case investor made it in the North Pole borrowing a house and the investor probably fail his opportunity. Leaving people homeless is not legal, for three simple reasons:

  1. Sleeping outdoor in the snow person will die frozen
  2. The land is my property, and person cannot occupy it illegally.
  3. Sleep on the street is not extra luxury looking, we provide several laws and company policies to the safety of the environment. The person will get a single room in a place to stay recovering economy and getting possibilities to buy a new house.

Sky is my property but breathe air cannot be charged, we cannot charge drinkable water. We offer no warranty to food supply unless a specific law has been decided.

Education and Trainings

IR providing a standards university education for child 5 years old that continue for 15 years. The University standards provided by the best specialist in business in english countries education a program to follow for letterature, mathematics, computer skills and science, history, geography, law education, creative sports, and social activities.

The person, after the graduation, is free to decide a training of a particular job that person decided in a video introduction and overview, and the freedom to study the specialization with the freedom to change it anytime if the person can’t make it, with the possibility to join as many jobs person want to learn, with promises that person is free to perform the job while the person has passed the training.

Resources of North Pole

North Pole has very big industries and natural resources. The land of North Pole is one of the last great areas of natural land left in the country. It is so rich in natural resources, there is an enormous amount of animal and mineral resources that make up North Pole’s industries. They include: Crude Oil, Gemstones, Platinum, Gold, Iron, Silver, Copper, Dairy, Crabs, Fish, and seafoods.

We currently working on Data Analytics and plan of efficiency in extraction and distribution with our civil engineering project open:

Civil Engineering and Immigration

Civil Engineering facts belong to the dictator because of the ownership of the land, water and sky. After the official release of government organization approval, all the land, water and air logistics of privates, business or foreign governments will be assaulted and killed with no mercy, in case of a foreign government army, after the breakdown of the vehicles and people, financial fine for trespassing with weapons will be sent to the foreign government.

Dictatorship will post the public housing project developed or underdeveloped offering a visa for investments, alien will be free to decide which project want to pay or develop. Because of extra luxury policy of the country, national security framework and several problem of the environment of the North Pole, the alien, must follow the cities projects; we working on Submarine City (underwater), Arctic City, and North Star City, Subterrain Park with houses, and several town and industries outdoor, tunnel indoor and tunnel underwater, underground.

Project, International Recognition and terrorism prevention

Because of «zero public debts», extra luxury warranty, financial and technology efficiency offered to the foreign countries and worldwide investors, we do not tolerate foreign law and politics, any government can be recognized as terrorist anytime, and mass destruction weapons will be used to respect our warranty with the foreign countries and investors.

The right of phrase without freedom to decision.

Because of the danger of the article:

Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, states that: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

We will not provide warranty of those laws, any attendant of legal process will be refuse, marketing and weapons will be oppressed with mass destruction weapons. In the North Pole, you have the right of phrase, without freedom or free willing on decision and opinion.




Product owner Ice Regime and National Security Framework of North Pole

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Dr Francesco Dergano

Dr Francesco Dergano

Product owner Ice Regime and National Security Framework of North Pole

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