Dr Daric Erminote

Feb 21, 2020

4 min read

Machine Intelligence (MI): Computers vs Robotics vs Cybernetics — Explained

The basics of calculation are one of the rare subjects to be handled as a whole in a due to the extreme diversity of scientific technologies it incorporates. It uses quite many fields of technology, for example; mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer sciences, electronics, sensors, actuators and machine intelligence. It is a multidimensional area which takes advantage of all engineering studies that exist in our life besides a hard mathematical module application which is required to be applied. One of the biggest challenges of writing this thesis was to uncover enough material that involves robotic design.

To understand the mechanical design, we need to study matrix, vectors, derivate, integral and basic physics, servo motor selection and design in addition to choose the gears and linking methods. Hydraulics and pneumatics are quite important in this field and to know how we can create communication between sensors and actuators through a programmable logic system, finally programming is the method of communication.

The aim of my thesis is to pick out the most important subjects that handle robot design. I tried to be brief and direct to the subject and tried to summarize the most important aspect in this field that was quite a big challenge in my thesis because of huge amount of different technologies that are handled.

Any student who will read my thesis will find it an orientation towards understanding robot design and pointing out the most important tips on this field, since it is brief and short and goes straight to the point.

Machine Intelligence Algorithms Automation are used in all kind of technologies, hardware and software industry.

If technology has you confused, this is the place to be. We’ll do our best to break down complex topics, and convey them in a way everyone can understand; we can clearly recognize diversity:

computer is an electronic machine that processes information — in other words, an information processor: it takes in raw information (or data) at one end, stores it until it’s ready to work on it, chews and crunches it for a bit, then spits out the results at the other end. All these processes have machine intelligence algorithms of calculation and its automation.

Robotics is a discontinued remote controlled dronic or mechatronic machine designed to be controlled by a remote computer or controller in order to process remote possibilities of automatic features.

Cybernetics is the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things; A dronic or mechatronic machine can be recognize as cybernetics while it is independent from human remote actions and perform automatic features.

Dronics machines presenting crawling, flying or swimming features without mechatronic approach to the environment, probably using basic mechanic of vehicles.

Mechatronics is the technical design characteristics of the main components that go into forming an machine mechanic features such hand, legs, etc.. that presents a novel tendon- driven bio-inspired robotic hand design for in-hand manipulation or animal or human walking features.

Considering artificial intelligence is the primitive state of machine intelligence, the history of matter the basis of Big Data and Data Science Development; Companies has slang and ways to explain solutions that they are selling, global marketing sometimes confusional.