Internet File-Sharing Communications Explained

Internet File Sharing Technology

Broadband and Roaming (IoT)

Network Data Centers providing network and cryptographic experts powering security protocols to the servers broad-banding roaming; big data analytics experts programming analytics data systems applications to analyze and monitoring activities of the Data Center Networking of course expert programmers helping with applications and configurations to the softwares architecture technically the visualization of the applications.

J-SAT (Trasmitting Signals) and V-SAT (Repeating Signals)

Is a satellite antenna usually launched in the space-time by the earth and the moon to broadband signals to the V-SAT repeating broadband to the computer devices servers.

The Network using the same IoT technology powered by the data centers engineers working remotely and the space-time technicians called Astronauts performing the technical installation maintenance of the satellites antennas.

Computer Server Host and Computer Server Client

Usually a computer server is the device offering information and the client is the device receiving information. The devices identification is provided by:

  1. IP address released by The Network company providing Big Data Analytics and Security. To use broadband roaming you usually providing identification to pay a subscription to bypass the network security.
  2. IMEI Serial Device Number provided by the computer company usually identificate by the account in your device via credit card payments or the name identity provided in the servers you joining the file sharing.
  3. Phone number of the mobile device sim-card.
  4. Email address of the device server you registered in to share information.

Role of Cyber Security Forensics

Cyber Securities Forensics are detectives using cryptographic softwares and big data analytics softwares to provide an investigation on the internet networking following device server hosting and server clients activities. Anyone can do that, the quality really depending on the method and accuracy of the information and investigations.

Role of The Network Engineers and Cryptographers (Hackers)

Network engineers are network specialists engineering and consulting the properly use of protocol securities to provide the property encryption and the decryption of the Internet Network system engineering and hacking the IoT technology. The cryptographers are the engineers of the security protocols providing integration informations.

Big Data Analytics and Data Science

Big Data Analytics are process of tracking, monitoring of the information. The Big Data Analytics applications are used to calculate all kind of process and applications and a specific engineer is technically using those softwares providing the methods of processing information, method of security informations and the development of presentation of the information. The Data Science is that specific development of software information creating the applications for Big Data Analytics.

Role of Full-Stack

The application programmers are engineers using programming languages to program a basic task or a smart task of the computer application and they technically building the digital design of the application.

In Conclusion

Remember, if nobody is paying attention to you maybe they lost you, it is not that easy to hide yourself on the internet network.




Product owner Ice Regime and National Security Framework of North Pole

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Dr Francesco Dergano

Dr Francesco Dergano

Product owner Ice Regime and National Security Framework of North Pole

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