Dr Daric Erminote

Jan 12, 2021

5 min read

Capability Index Making using Economic Process for Product Design and Process Planning Economic Process Methods

Abstract: The process capability index (PCI) is a value which reflects real-time quality status. The PCI acts as the reference for real-time monitoring that enables process controllers to acquire a better grasp of the quality of their on site processes. The PCI value is typically defined as the ability to carry out a task or achieve a goal. However, simply increasing the PCI value can easily create additional and unnecessary production costs that result from extra efforts and expensive devices for ensuring tolerance control. Hence, there is a need to balance customer demands for quality and production costs. In this regard, the off-line PCI value is intro- duced, in consideration of quality loss and production cost, simultaneously in this research. The quality loss is expressed by quality loss function, and the production cost is represented by tolerance cost function. Then, this new PCI expression can be used as linkage for concurrent product design and process planning, prior to actual production.


Process Capability Indices (PCI)

Fig. 1. The Distribution for process A, B and C
Table 1. PCI values for processes A, B, and C

Single Quality Characteristic

Table 2. Various CPMC when CPM is 1.2

Multiple Quality Characteristics

Fig. 2. A DC differential amplifier
Table 3. The numerical results of example 2

In Conclusion